Patient Care
Patient Care


1.Patients’ visiting hospital 

2.Patients with appointments/patients without appointments 

3.Registration or picking up numbers   

4.With cards

Go to self-service machines, cashier counters or corresponding triage desks to pick up numbers directly by social medical insurance cards, Medicare cards, or electronic social medical insurance card vouchers. 

5.Without cards

Patients can register directly at self-service machines, cashier counters and triage desks after creating cards at cashier counters or applying for virtual cards of electronic social medical insurance vouchers on their mobile phones.

6.Wait for Consultation, Receive Medical Consultation

Patiently wait in the waiting hall of the corresponding consultation area for your number to be called.

7.Paying Medical Fees   

8.Medicare cards with sufficient balance: pay medical fees in doctors’ consulting rooms

9.Medicare cards without sufficient balance: pay medical fees at cashier counters, self-service machines or Alipay. 

10.Examination, Treatment  

Go to a designated location to swipe your card for medication, blood collection, examination or treatment. 

11.Discharge, Observation, Hospitalization

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