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Wenzhou People's Hospital was built and began to treat patients in September 1913, the predecessor of which is the catholic hospital founded by Missionaries of Charity, being one of the earliest Western medical hospitals in Zhejiang Province. Founded more than one hundred years ago, it has grown into a general Grade-A tertiary hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation and preventive healthcare, with profound historical and cultural deposits, and strong medical research strength. It enjoys a high reputation and popularity in southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian because of its outstanding comprehensive strength and distinctive speciality features.

Based on the new era of new vitality, the hospital is fully committed to building a modern digital urban medical complex that combines integrated disciplines with special specialties and internet medical treatment. It continuously strengthens maternal-infant specialty advantage, obtains human-assisted reproductive technology qualification, and additionally sets up Wenzhou Women's and Children's Hospital. It plays an important role in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta through the construction of Shanghai Famous Doctor Departments. Furthermore, the hospital also undertakes the internship teaching tasks of more than 20 medical colleges, such as Wenzhou Medical University, Hangzhou Normal University School of Medicine, etc.  

The hospital has 2706 employees, 1266 medium and high ranking professional technicians, 384 personnel of senior professional titles, 15 Doctoral talents, 53 talents at all levels, 14 Master supervisors from Shanghai University and 10 Master supervisors from Wenzhou Medical University. There are 1500 approved beds, 37 specialty departments and 14 medical and technical departments. It has 3 regional speciality centers of gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics in Southern Zhejiang, 2 provincial and municipal key disciplines such as obstetrics and gynecology, and gastroenterology, 4 municipal key disciplines such as perinatal medicine, gastroenterology, comfort medicine and reproductive medicine, as well as 15 municipal key disciplines. It is one of the first batch of national standardized training bases for resident doctors. It is equipped with Shanghai University Geriatrics Research Center (Wenzhou), and Wenzhou Key Laboratory of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and its 13 specialties have the qualification of national drug and device clinical trial institution. It has become the five national, provincial and municipal specialist nurse training bases, such as clinical training base for specialist midwives of China Maternal and Child Health Association, the base of specialty nursing and technological training for cardiovascular diseases of China Cardiovascular Health Alliance, etc. On average, the hospital has more than 100 national, provincial and municipal projects that are approved every year, and publishes over 250 papers (including over 30 SCI papers). More than 100 patents are granted every year, and the total number of patents has exceeded 500.

The hospital is equipped with 3.0T magnetic resonance, dual-source CT, double C-arm angiography machine, biochemical immunity assembly line, high-grade colour Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, automatic drug-dispensing system and other large-scale medical equipment. In order to meet the demand for diagnosis and treatment and further promote the construction of "Healthy Wenzhou", the hospital regularly opens Saturday and Sunday outpatient clinics and pediatric night outpatient clinics on a regular basis, so that the majority of patients can stagger their time of seeking medical advice. The hospital actively practices the reform of "visiting the hospital for one time only" in the medical field, introduces warm services such as multi-channel appointment and payment in consulting rooms, and creates intimate service systems such as automatic medicine dispensing, checkup appointment, bed center and payment platform, showing humanistic care and realizing convenient medical treatment.

Breaking a new blueprint, striving for a new era! The hospital now has "three hospitals and one center", i.e. Xinhe Hospital Area, Louqiao Hospital Area, Internet Hospital and Wenzhou Physical Examination Center, which are large in scale and wide in influence. In the "14th Five-Year" period, the hospital will, as always, adhere to the new era of health policy, promote the transformation from "disease-centered" to "health-centered", and continue to deepen the implementation of the standards of general Grade-A tertiary hospital, speed up the construction of management systems, disciplines, talents, scientific researches, information, infrastructures and culture. It endeavors to build a modern clinical research hospital that satisfies the staff and is trusted by common people, and creates a number of landmark achievements with the recognizable feature of "important window". We are committed to enhancing the people's sense of health and happiness, and laying a solid foundation for the construction of "Zhejiang Famous Hospital" in 2035.


Wenzhou People's Hospital Xinhe Hospital Area: Relying on the comprehensive strength of century-old hospital, it highlights the maternal and child healthcare and geriatric specialist features, covers all kinds of comprehensive medical disciplines, and centers on the "geriatric and infant healthcare" to build a characteristic speciality hospital area that offers full life-cycle health services.

Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics has been responsible for the rescue, referral and consultation of critically ill patients and those with difficult and complicated diseases in Wenzhou and even Southern Zhejiang and Northern Fujian. It has integrated the following special diagnostic and therapeutic centers in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, including minimally invasive treatment center of tumors, diagnosis and treatment center of pelvic floor disorders, Family Planning quality control center and obstetric quality control and training center, and comprehensive prevention and control center for birth defects. It has developed a number of core reproductive technologies such as IVF (one-stop treatment for infertility), reproductive surgery and reproductive endocrinology.

Department of Pediatrics is a regional specialized disease center in Southern Zhejiang, and is the critical newborn treatment center in Wenzhou, with exquisite neonatal treatment technology. Children's Healthcare Center has pushed forth new ideas, serving as the demonstration base for early comprehensive development of children in Zhejiang Province, the advanced demonstration parenting base in Zhejiang Province, the key discipline in Wenzhou, the children's growth and development center in Wenzhou, and the intervention center for high-risk babies in Wenzhou, which provides a full range of systematic clinical and healthcare services for children from 0-18 years of age.

Relying on the Geriatrics Research Center of Shanghai University, the Geriatrics Center is built into a geriatric health demonstration center integrating medicine, recovery, healthcare and health preserving in Wenzhou. Focusing on providing comprehensive medical and health services for the elderly, it can provide one-stop diagnosis and treatment for patients with a variety of diseases, and carry out joint outpatient services between specialist ward and geriatric ward. The scope of diagnosis and treatment not only includes diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, management and research of various acute and chronic cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory and endocrine diseases of the elderly, as well as orthopedic, surgical and urological diseases, but also relates to the comprehensive problems such as cognitive psychology, nutritional status, motor function and daily mobility of the elderly. 


Wenzhou People's Hospital Louqiao Hospital Area: After the completion of expansion and relocation in November 2017, Wenzhou People's Hospital Louqiao Hospital, a century-old hospital, has been radiating new vitality on the new site in the southwestern part of Wenzhou city. Built according to the garden hospital standards, Louqiao Hospital Area covers an area of 64,000㎡, with a building area of 120,000㎡, with a strong comprehensive strength and first-aid capacity in case of emergencies.

Louqiao Hospital Area takes precision medicine, minimally invasive technology, personalized medicine and intelligent medicine as the direction of technological development, implements multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary joint consultation mechanism, focuses on breakthroughs and innovations in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, urinary calculi, tumors and traumas, screening and intervention of early cancers, comfort medical treatment and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. It has formed a comprehensive medical diagnosis and treatment system with gastroenterology, cardiovascular medicine, urinary surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, emergency medicine, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, neurology, respiratory and critical care medicine as the dominant disciplines. Certified by China Chest Pain Center, China Atrial Fibrillation Center, the hospital has become the construction unit of China Heart Failure Center, Wenzhou Branch of National Early Hepatocellular Cancer Screening Center, National Colorectal Cancer Screening Base, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Southern Zhejiang, and Clinical Rational Drug Use Demonstration Base of China Pharmaceutical Education Association.

Inside the scientific research center of the hospital are Shanghai University Geriatrics Research Center (Wenzhou), Wenzhou Key Laboratory of Intelligent Medicine Neurodegenerative Diseases, Key Laboratory of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Gastroenterology Laboratory, Pharmacy Laboratory, Vertigo Laboratory, etc. In cooperation with Suzhou Biomedical Engineering Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, intelligent diagnosis and treatment R & D center was jointly established, and Zhejiang Provincial Health Practical New Technology and Appropriate Technology Promotion Center was approved. As one of the first batch of national standardized training bases for resident doctors, it has a medical skills center with an area up to 1800㎡, which is the first training center of AHA vascular emergency courses in the public hospital of Wenzhou.


Wenzhou People's Hospital Internet Hospital Area: Relying on AI, 5G and AR technologies, it is patient-centered and provides patients and primary healthcare institutions with services such as intelligent graphic consultation, chronic disease further consultation, intelligent report explanation, home care, prescription delivery, ward visit, emergency response system, remote consultation and remote ward round, etc., so as to provide convenient high-quality healthcare services while upgrading the capacity building of primary healthcare institutions. Through the Internet Hospital platform, internet online services that can be offered include appointment and registration, medical technology appointment, waiting consultation, in-hospital navigation, outpatient settlement, inpatient settlement, outpatient pre-payment, inpatient payment, report inquiry, medical record copying and so on.   

Wenzhou Physical Examination Center: Affiliated to our hospital, it is the earliest non-profit professional health examination institution established in Wenzhou, the first municipal professional physical examination institution in Wenzhou to pass the assessment of "National Health Management Demonstration Base", and it is also Wenzhou Occupational Health Examination and Occupational Disease Diagnosis Center. It undertakes health checkups for municipal health objects, famous entrepreneurs, civil servants and general colleges and universities, as well as providing high-quality health checkups, occupational health checkups and health management services for enterprises, institutions and people from all walks of life in the society. The center has a complete range of physical examination items, implements the customized mode of "1 plus X" personalized physical examination package, and offers VIP inpatient physical examination service, implements the whole-process tracking management before, during and after the examination, and provides high-quality, human-based integrated health management services of "health examination, health assessment, health intervention". 


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