Patient Care
Patient Care

1.How to Make Appointments:

Telephone appointment: Call 114, 12580 for appointments 24 hours a day, 0577-88883131 and 0577-88059166 are available at 8:00-11:30, 13:30-17:00 from Monday to Saturday.  

On-site appointment: During normal business hours, go to triage desks on related floors, consulting rooms, self-service machines, one-stop service centers or ward nurse stations for on-site appointments.   

Online appointment: log in www.51gh.net04.png, click the official website of "Wenzhou People’s Hospital" for appointments.

WeChat appointment: Follow the official account- Wenzhou People’s Hospital (wzsrmyy or wzsrmyy1913) for appointments.

Alipay appointment: Follow Wenzhou People’s Hospital in the service window.

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WeChat Medical Helper       Alipay Service Window

2.Time of Accepting and Handling: 

On-site appointments: Normal business hours from Monday to Saturday.

Online appointments, WeChat appointments and telephone appointments (114, 12580): available 24 hours.

3.Time Limit of Appointments and Registrations    

Appointments and registrations must be completed more than one day in advance.


4.Real-name Appointments: 

Provide the details of real names, ID card numbers and cell phone numbers of the persons who visit the clinic. The names provided at the time of appointments must be the same as the names on Medicare cards, otherwise, even if appointments are successful, you will not be able to pick up the numbers of the clinic.

5.Conformation of Appointments

Please arrive at the hospital before the appointment time, and confirm the numbers at the self-service machines, cashier counters or triage desks on the related floors, and wait for consultation at the corresponding departments. If you do not confirm the appointment number 30 minutes after the appointment time, the appointment number will automatically become invalid, and you will need to get new numbers at the triage desks.

6.Canceling of Appointments

Those who cannot keep the appointments for any reasons should call (114, 12580, 0577-88883131, 0577-88059166) or go online to cancel the appointments by WeChat, Alipay at least one workday in advance, or else it will be handled as a failed appointment, and those who fail to attend the appointments for 2 times will be entered into the blacklist.

7.Suspension of Medical Services

Please understand that if the appointed doctors are unable to attend the clinic according to the schedule for special reasons, information system will automatically notify the appointed patient by text message, WeChat, or Medical Helper to change the doctors or change appointment time, and if it is too late to notify the doctors in case of temporary emergencies, the triage nurses will arrange other doctors to offer medical diagnosis services.

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