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Friendly Intelligent Mother-baby Wards Constructed in Wenzhou

Time:2022/11/29 11:58:45

Closely focusing on the construction of the safest province for mothers and babies, Wenzhou People's Hospital (Wenzhou Women's and Children's Hospital) has launched a pilot project of constructing Friendly Intelligent Mother-bay Wards (S-LDR), which are "home-like" modern maternity wards built with intelligent technologies, being widely praised by the masses. 


The LDR (Labour-Delivery-Recovery) ward is a single room for labour, delivery and recovery. Its equipment is suitable for all the labor and delivery processes except for Caesarean section and delivery under general anaesthesia. In 2008, Wenzhou People's Hospital launched LDR wards, which have been quite popular among pregnant mothers and their families. On January 11, 2022, in order to further enhance delivery experience of pregnant mothers and promote implementation of "three-child" birth policy, the hospital put S-LDR into formal use. In S-LDR, S stands for smart, science, security, super, and sister, etc. Relying on 5G technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other technologies, S-LDR builds a complete intelligent maternal and child service system, which mainly focuses on "safe" and "intelligent" service concept featured with such elements as technology, humanity and medical care to bring safer and better quality services to mothers and babies. Compared with the traditional mode of delivery, S-LDR has the following advantages:

01  Homely Pre-parturition Environment

The overall decoration of S-LDR is in a homely style, and first-aid parturition equipment is hidden by means of murals or closets to relieve nervous tension for mothers-to-be during their delivery. A thoughtful sound-activated room system is designed with the comfort of mothers and babies in mind. The music, lights, curtains, and washrooms in wards are all controlled by sound with touchless operation. Intelligent toilets, intelligent taps and intelligent handwash soap dispensers are available in wards to fully meet the needs of mothers-to-be so that they can experience a warm birthing environment and considerate medical care in the hospital that is similar to that of "home".


02  Mother-baby Safety Guaranteed by Intelligent Facilities   

Lying-in women in S-LDR wards can stay in the same rooms from labour pains to delivery and recovery. Hospital beds can accordingly be changed into delivery beds where they can stay during the whole delivery process and postnatal recovery so as to ensure the safety of mothers and babies. Medical staff can access medical records and other information for consultation through the intelligent system at the bedside. Nurses can enquire medical advice, check information, execute doctors’ advice and conduct health propaganda and education with the help of intelligent terminals (chip wristbands, IPADs, etc.). During delivery, a medical team consisting of obstetricians, anaesthetists, neonatologists and midwives will accompany patients. At the same time, wards are equipped with intelligent mattress-type respiratory monitors for newborns, through which medical staff can observe the abnormal condition of newborns, intervene it in a timely manner and grasp the best time for treatment.


03  Friendly Mother-baby Medical Services   

S-LDR provides "mother-baby-centred" medical services, such as bedside maternal psychological assessment, newborn growth and development assessment, newborn nursing (like bathing, touching), newborn skin-to-skin contact, newborn disease screening and blood collection, and postnatal B-scan ...... these items can all be performed at the bedside, avoiding mothers’ rushing back and forth from home to hospital. 

Services available for newborn babies include intelligence care, touching and swimming, which are offered to stimulate the development of babies’ sensory organs, enhance their physiological growth and neurological response, promote their physical and mental development, and at the same time, increase their recognition on external environment and deepen the bond between parents and children.

We provide Doula delivery, a kind of delivery mode that can make lying-in women relaxed and reduce their pain. When regular uterine contractions occur, in addition to the accompanying by family members, experienced midwives will also be present to observe childbirth processes, teach delivery techniques, answer difficult questions, offer physiological and psychological care, and take charge of delivering babies and postnatal observation. We also provide non-pharmacological pain easing and delivery pain easing (painless delivery) like physical therapy hot compress, musical aromatherapy, and free-position delivery to ease the delivery pain for mothers-to-be.

04   Postnatal Extended Services 

The indispensable "4 plus 7" and "4 plus 14" short-term postnatal extended services after hospitalization have been launched. Through 7-day or 14-day extended in-hospital stay, lying-in women can learn in-depth knowledge of postnatal rehabilitation and nursing, and can receive guidance on the multi-dimensional active rehabilitation concept such as body recovery, mother-baby relationship establishment, scientific nutrition management and postnatal psychological adjustment, etc. so as to quickly adapt to the role as a mother, master breastfeeding skills, and adjust to the initial discomfort caused by role reversal.

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