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International Perinatal Quality Control Academic Summit and Second Seminar on Appraisal Indexes of China’s Top 100 Modern Delivery Rooms successfully ended!

Time:2023/5/13 13:58:43


On 13 May, International Perinatal Quality Control Academic Summit, Second Seminar on Appraisal Indexes of China’s Top 100 Modern Delivery Rooms, and Reviewers' Training Camp and Wenzhou Obstetrics Medical Quality Control Annual Symposium 2023 were grandly held in Wenzhou, which was sponsored by China Continuing Medical Education Journal and China Health Standards Management Journal, co-organized by Wenzhou People's Hospital (Wenzhou Women's and Children's Hospital) and Wenzhou Obstetrics Medical Quality Control Center, and co-sponsored by Wenzhou Maternal and Child Health Guidance Center, under the great support of Health Commission of Wenzhou. Obstetrics, anaesthesiology, neonatology experts and scholars from healthcare institutions across the country participated in the symposium to jointly discuss clinical strategies for reducing maternal and infant mortality rates, ensuring the safety of pregnant and lying-in women, decreasing birth defects, and increasing life expectancy per capita in order to promote the construction of modern delivery rooms and its standardized operation in China.

Deputy Director Zhu Guoxiao of Wenzhou Health Commission, and President Yu Yingcong of Wenzhou People's Hospital respectively delivered leadership speeches. Deputy Director Li Cuiwei of China Continuing Medical Education Journal, and China Health Standards Management Journal made an online speech. The meeting was hosted by Vice President Zhang Hongping of Wenzhou People's Hospital. Hospitals jury members of Appraisal Seminar of Top 100 Modern Delivery Rooms in China participated in the meeting, which attracted more than 320 offline participants and more than 1,200 online participants from more than 50 medical units across the country.


The obstetrics and information teams of our hospital has been practicing the road of modern delivery rooms through continuous exploration and innovation. On the basis of AI, AR, Internet of Things and other technologies, our teams conduct intelligent and digital management during the whole process, set up intelligent early warning system with the core of maternity, foetus and newborn, and foster "Wenzhou Model" of digital delivery rooms. The displayed electronic early warning system of delivery rooms was highly affirmed by the participating experts.


The participants visited the integrated outpatient clinic of Obstetrics Department, SLDR wards and modern delivery rooms in Xinhe Hospital Area of Wenzhou People's Hospital. The visiting experts fully recognized the visionary planning, comfortable environment, people-oriented service and delicacy management of our Obstetrics Department. They also highly appreciated the modern delivery rooms and friendly intelligent mother-baby wards (S-LDR) that are designed with intelligent mother-baby monitoring system and information-based early warning management system.  


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