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The Teaching Platform of Clinical Laboratory Going “International”

Time:2023/5/18 14:10:12

On May 18, Clinical Laboratory of our hospital held the first lecture for international students, focusing on the theme of guiding them to deeply understand the operating process of Clinical Laboratory and the professional knowledge of testing, which has fully shown the hard power, high efficiency, and high-level work quality of our hospital’s modern laboratory.

The lecturing activity was held in Clinical Laboratory in Area A on the 3rd floor. It consisted of an English lecturing themed with "The World of Clinical Laboratory", and a tour inside the clinical laboratory.


In the English lecturing session, Speaker Yu Tingting, firstly opened the session enthusiastically by exchanging names with the international students to build a bridge for friendly exchanges between the two sides. Next, she demonstrated the structural framework of our departmental staff, and the responsibility division of each professional group. She also introduced in detail blood collection line and biochemical and immunity line introduced by our hospital, and led the international students to explore the mysterious laboratory through the perspective of going into the interior of the laboratory from blood collection tubes. The second session of the lecturing focused on sharing blood routine examination items. When talking about the blood cells’ morphological changes in different differentiation stages, the international students were so enthusiastic that they went up to the stage to share their experiences with the lecturer.   

During the whole lecture, the international students listened carefully, took notes, thought repeatedly and actively participated in exchanges, which greatly promoted their understanding of the daily work of our Clinical Laboratory. In addition, the visit to the laboratory after the lecture was an eye-opening experience for them, and Nana praised, "I gained first-hand experience in understanding the laboratory medicine and it's huge role in medical field. I am so grateful for the lessons you taught me-both the scientific and non-scientific ones. Especially as an introduction class that was very clear and start it up. Especially as an introduction class that was very clear and start it from basics ." She said that the first-hand experience of laboratory medicine she gained from this activity has helped her a lot.


Thanks to the persistent learning atmosphere of the department, the first attempt of this international student exchange program has reaped a satisfactory response. Currently, there are 25 postgraduates in our department. Under the leadership of Deputy Director Zhao Misheng, the department organizes an English salon once a month, where professional knowledge is taught in English, aiming to motivate the departmental staff to strive for excellence and forge ahead, and to cultivate international students as a reserve of professional talents for the hospital. In addition to completing daily clinical work, our department attaches importance to the quality of educational management, and is committed to creating its own distinctive brand by specializing in creating the characteristics of laboratory knowledge courses and related teachers. Next, our department will be more actively involved in conducting English lecturing activities and push forth new ideas. Welcome international students to come to the laboratory to exchange and learn from each other. It is also hoped that a broader platform will pop up to show the characteristic culture of our department in an international way.


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